Overfed Electric Comatose
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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better



i’ve juste arrived at tokyo, so i didn’t have the time to really work and i’m still waiting for my desk. My current work station is cute, but not very fonctionnal. 
So today, just a little sketches.
I hope better next time fellows !


Виктор Быков /Bykov Victor

Viktor Bykov is a Russian painter living in the general vicinity of Moscow. He studied at the Cheliabinsk Art College and the Stroganov Art and Design Institute in Moscow.

Gonna be playing a monk in some DnD, so I tried drawing up some art for him.

I really liked that guy from Twin Peaks, so I used him as a reference. (as well as Don Cheadle’s nose, sorta)


These are gold.